Второй фестиваль
«Лифт. Карелия. Молодой театр»

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Проект «Лифт. Карелия. Молодой театр» состоит из акций и фестивалей, призванных «разбудить» культуру, а в первую очередь театральное искусство в Республике Карелия, усилиями местных театров с привлечением международных и межрегиональных театральных групп, а также других учреждений культуры и искусства, общественных организаций, меценатов и спонсоров.



Список участников Второго Международного фестиваля "Лифт. Карелия. Молодой театр"
Экспертный совет Фестиваля огласил своё решение - выбрано 20 спектаклей из Москвы, Санкт-Петербурга, Вологды, Архангельска, Ташкента, Алматы, Мирного, Петрозаводска, Лодейного Поля, Ижевска.



Second Festival «Lift. Karelia. Young Theatre»



Открыт приём заявок на Второй фестиваль
С 15 по 22 сентября 2018 года в г. Петрозаводск (Республика Карелия) состоится Второй фестиваль «Лифт. Карелия. Молодой театр».

Second Festival «Lift. Karelia. Young Theatre»

The festival will be held in Petrozavodsk (the Republic of Karelia) from 15 to 22 September 2018.

The festival aim is to present various forms of theatrical language. Priority for participation in the festival will be given to performances that involve the disclosure of various aspects of the life of young people by the means of the modern theater, reflecting the process of formation of the person's personality.
The terms of participation:
The premiere of the performance should be dated no earlier than September 1, 2015.
The number of performers is from 2 to 7 people. The delegation is not more than 10 people.
Selection of participants is carried out by the expert council of the festival on the basis of the sent applications and video.
Acceptance of applications until May 1, 2018 by e-mail: k-teatteri@yandex.ru
The main events of the festival will be held at the State National Theatre of the Republic of Karelia. The large and small stages of the theater (300 and 50 seats) are equipped with a radio-certified translation, thus the problem of participation of performances in foreign languages will be solved, as well as participation of foreign experts in the educational program. The stages of Musical Theatre of the Republic of Karelia, the Puppet Theatre of the Republic of Karelia, the Drama Theatre of the Republic of Karelia "Tvorcheskaya Masterskaya" will also be used in the festival's work.
The program of the festival includes the main and additional parts.

Festival planned:
•competitive and guest performances program;
• master classes from the guests of the festival;
• lectures on the theatrical art in Karelia (to the 100th anniversary of the republic):
• diary of the festival;
• creative meetings and discussions with participants and guests of the festival in the press club;
• friendly meetings, informal communication in an acting club;
• cultural program: visits to exhibitions, concerts, excursions (Kivach waterfall, Ruskeala mountain park) Possible to organize a trip to the Kizhi Island on preliminary requests and at groups own expense.

All participants of the Festival are awarded with participant's diplomas and memorable prizes.

Financial conditions:
- the host party pays for accommodation and meals for participants within 3 days
- covers travel costs on the route Moscow-Petrozavodsk-Moscow or St. Petersburg-Petrozavodsk-St. Petersburg
- the host party does not pay scenery transportation

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